Areas we cover in London & Hertfordshire

We service a wide array of boroughs in and around London. From nesting pigeons to fouling mice, our experts have the knowledge and expertise to locate and eradicate virtually any pest that’s set up camp within your domestic or commercial property.

Due to budget cutbacks many local authorities have chosen to discontinue pest control services throughout London. Those that remain are expected to follow suit in the coming years. This is already resulting in increased pest problems; therefore, safeguarding your home against intruders has never been so important.

Rats currently account for around 42% of pest control callouts in the UK and are a significant problem in London with an average of 23,000 callouts per year. This is because they are more common in urban areas. In addition, while cockroaches are no longer considered a national pest problem, cockroach control is still undertaken in London and the surrounding areas. Even bedbugs, which were almost eliminated from properties in developed countries during the 1980s, have been a rising issue in London over recent years.

Mice also pose a significant problem in most London Boroughs. A single mouse spotted in your kitchen is usually the sign of a greater threat. They are often males foraging for its family and could mean that many more are hiding beneath the floorboards or within false walls. This can cause serious health hazards. In these circumstances poison and mouse traps may not solve the problem; therefore professional aid should be sought.

If you ever find pests on your property call out the professionals immediately. At North London Pest Control our experts can help you pinpoint problems and prevent unwanted guests in a fast, efficient and safe manner. Just give us a call.

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