Pest Control In Camden

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One of the inner London boroughs edging towards the north, Camden is perhaps best known for its expansive street market.

But despite being buried in the heart of the capital, Camden has more than 70 open spaces and public green areas.

CamdenBloomsbury Square, Talacre Gardens and Maygrove Peace Park are just a few of the outside green spaces which can be found in Camden.

However, report from pest control professionals have revealed that some of these 70 spaces around Camden are suffering from increased levels of rats, mice and other unwanted visitors.

Hidden pests

Enjoying a leisurely stroll in the park, you may find it hard to believe that there are many long-tailed rodents scurrying around nearby in the undergrowth but if the figures from pest control are correct, there’s about a third more than there has been in Camden during previous years.

Unsurprisingly, this rapid increase seen in the parks and green areas has spilt over into domestic homes. An increasing number of residents are reporting sights of rats in their homes and gardens, even though they may have lived in Camden for many years and never had a problem before.

An encounter of the ratty kind is not high on the wish-list for most residents in Camden so what can you do to protect yourself against the furry critters?

It’s important to emphasise that rats don’t only go to houses which are dirty; they are attracted to a source of warmth and also food. However, you can help yourself by taking preventative measures when it comes to waste disposal and food storage.

Ensure that all of your rubbish is tightly secured and placed in inaccessible bins. Don’t be tempted to leave bags out overnight; the smell will attract rodents. Even a discarded food wrapper can be enough to grab the attention of a mouse or rat – and once one appears, many more will follow!

In your kitchen, keep food covered and in airtight containers wherever possible. Clear up any spillages as soon as possible and don’t leave food waste lying around.

Finally, early action can help nip the problem in the bud before it has a chance to take hold. Calling in professional pest control experts will help get rid of any rats or mice before they have had the chance to build an established colony.

Other pests

If the prospect of dealing with rats or mice wasn’t bad enough, their behaviour can attract the attention of other pests too.

Cockroaches love to scavenge for food and a trail of discarded food will be a real treat. Ants are another pest which thrives on waste food and can quickly follow in the wake of rats and mice.

Camden has a particular problem with ants, with pest control firms being asked to deal with infestations for many years. However, although black ants are seen, it is the more unusual Argentine ants which are experiencing a surge in numbers.

Argentine ants are particularly troublesome and will even build a nest amongst humans’ belongings!

Pest control firms have reported that Camden’s problems with Argentine ants have increased rather than abated, with sightings being reported as early as February onwards.