Pest Control In Ealing

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Despite being a hop, skip and a jump away from central London, Ealing is a borough with plenty of lush green spaces and parks.

From the 47 acres on Ealing Common to Walpole Park near the famous Ealing Broadway, there’s an abundance of options to enjoy a stroll in the fresh air or even an alfresco lunch.

The problem with this is that in locations such as Ealing, the outdoors spaces are nestled in amongst urban dwellings, making the boundaries between natural habitat and your own home invisible to rodent eyes.

Along with green spaces comes wildlife, such as squirrels. The grey squirrel in particular.

Squirrel damage

In such a thriving metropolis as Ealing, squirrels quickly become used to human contact and their natural fear instinct disappears. This can lead to them leaving the parks and outdoors spaces to seek out a more comfortable and warm environment: namely your home.

Pest control is no laughing matter and although an infestation of squirrels may not initially sound too alarming, the damage they can wreak can be devastating.

Grey squirrels are not native to the UK and contrary to popular opinion, do not hibernate. This means they are active all year round seeking out food such as bird’s eggs, chicks, roots, leaves, bark, buds, nuts and fruits.

Grey Squirrels in EalingFor keen gardeners, squirrels are a sworn enemy, able to decimate a whole season of hard work with just a few hours dedicated nibbling. For example, young trees can be killed because their bark is stripped off.

Birdwatchers too are usually loathed to see the bushy-tailed vermin, with their tendency to prey on nests of small birds and eat chicks.

However, whilst either of these may be significant enough for you to call in pest control in Ealing, what they can do to your house is far worse.

The need for pest control

You may be willing to allow squirrels to run riot in your garden but once they get inside your house you will have no option than to call in professional pest control.

Squirrels will make themselves comfortable in your shed or outhouse but not content with this, they will also target the crawl space under your home or even better, your attic.

They can access your home by using guttering and drainpipes or nearby bushes and trees. Once inside, they can chew through wiring and eat insulation, causing thousands of pounds of damage and an untold amount of inconvenience.

You are likely to hear scrabbling sounds and you may find droppings. However, to an untrained eye it can be difficult to tell apart from rat droppings which is why calling in professional and experienced pest control sooner rather than later is vital.

If you have pets, they can pick up fleas if they come into contact with the squirrel so if you think you might have a pest control problem make sure your flea treatments on your cat or dog are up to date.

Squirrels are not known to carry any diseases which are transferrable to humans but you should not attempt to catch or trap them yourself. If a squirrel feels threatened, it can inflict a particularly nasty bite.

All types of pest control

Although squirrels may be a particular problem, Ealing lies just on the outskirts of central London and like many built-up areas, can suffer from an infestation of rats, mice and pigeons along with other types of pest such as ants, wasps and bees.

Make sure you don’t allow pests in or around your house to become a problem; call in the experts sooner rather than later and stop squirrels and other pests from taking over your home.