Pest Control In Hackney

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Despite lying in the north east end of London, Hackney is a borough rich in history and with a diverse landscape. From Regent’s Canal to Hackney Marshes, there are plenty of outdoors areas to enjoy a break from the rat race.

Unfortunately escaping from the mice isn’t quite so easy; a recent report highlighted Hackney as having one of the worst levels of mouse infestation in the country.

You might think there are worse things than having a mouse in your home but if you have ever experienced an infestation you will unfortunately be aware of the widespread damage they cause and the diseases they can bring.

The silent intruder

If you have ever seen a mouse you will undoubtedly have been struck by just how tiny they are, making it easy for them to squeeze into your home through small gaps and holes. Just to make matters worse, they have a soft skeleton which means that can literally squash their body down to the mere width of a pencil!

MiceOnce in, mice multiply at a frightening speed; this is one of the biggest challenges when dealing with this kind of pest. You make think you have just one mouse but the chances are there’s a huge horde of them hiding out of sight, waiting in the wings.

Calling in professional pest control as soon as you suspect you may have a mouse problem; the longer you delay the more difficult they will be to remove.

Mouse problems

Mice are often presented as sweet little creatures in cartoons but nothing could be further than the truth.

A single mouse can leave as many as 70 droppings in just 24 hours, in addition to copious amounts of smelly urine. A distinctive ammonia-type smell is often one of the first signs you may have a mouse infestation.

Mice do not take huge amounts of food from a single source, instead preferring to nibble from multiple locations. A mouse will typically make 20-30 visits to various food sites each night, taking as little as 0.15g from each trip.

But it is not the quantity of food they take, nor even the contamination they leave behind. Mice carry a whole host of harmful bacteria and parasites which are harmful to both pets and humans. These can be spread either via contact with their droppings or urine, either through the skin, via airborne allergens or by eating contaminated food.

Lyme Disease, salmonella and Leptospiral jaundice are just a few of the very nasty illnesses which a mouse can bring.

In addition to the health risk, mice can and will gnaw through anything in their path. This can include wood and also wiring; mice have been known to cause not only the breakdown of electrical equipment but also house fires.

How to spot a mouse pest

Because mice come out at night, they can be difficult to spot unless you know what you are looking for.

In addition to the ammonia smell, keep an eye out for droppings. These will be small and dark and are typically found along the wall or in ‘safe’ areas such as under sinks and in cupboards.

Don’t dismiss any strange scrabbling sounds in your ceiling or walls; this could be an early sign you have mice in your home.

Check for signs of shredded paper or fabric; mice build nests and will use materials they find around your home to build them.

Professional pest control can help to get rid of mice from your home quickly, easily and with the minimum of fuss. However, early intervention is critical to help protect your home and keep it vermin-free for the future.

All kinds of pest control

But although mice have been identified as being a particular pest in Hackney, there are many other critters who want you to share your home with them too.

Whether you have a squirrel infestation in Stamford Hill, a starling problem in Shoreditch, or cockroaches in Upper Clapton, pest control experts are only ever one phone call away.