Pest Control In Harrow

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An area which has a reputation for being one of the more affluent and leafier boroughs in London, Harrow isn’t the kind of place which you naturally associate with a pest control problem.

But like many places all over the capital, Harrow has its fair share of unwanted house guests from fleas to flies, squirrels to starlings, professional pest control services are in great demand.

CockroachesSharing your home with unwanted visitors is never a pleasant experience; they bring disease and bacteria as well we causing damage to your property. But out of all of the pests one of the most dreaded visitors is the cockroach.

Cockroach facts

Whether you live in Pinner, Crouch End, Rayner’s Lane or some other part of Harrow, cockroaches are a pest which you need to take seriously.

Although keeping your home clean and hygienic will certainly help, it’s a myth that cockroaches will only be found in dirty locations.

Cockroaches can enter a home either through food, on luggage or in furniture or can either gain access via a neighbour, particularly in terraced accommodation or flats. Once in your property cockroaches multiply at a frightening speed, leading to a full-blown infestation very quickly.

There are two main types of cockroach that you might find: Oriental and German and they act in very different ways.

The Oriental Cockroach is dark brown or black and has undeveloped wings. This means that they cannot fly and instead scuttle around, sometimes climbing rough surfaces. They have a preference for cool, damp spots so are often found in drains and guttering or in basements.

German Cockroaches are brown and have a huge wingspan which means in hot or warm conditions they will fly. However, they also have large sticky pads on their feet which makes them agile climbers, even on slippery surfaces such as glass. Unlike their Oriental counterparts, they like a warm and wet environment and given the chance will make their home in your Harrow bathroom or kitchen.

Both types of cockroach are very fast and will shy away from bright or light conditions.

How to treat

Harrow Environmental Officers have reported that cockroaches are one of the most common forms of pest that they see so keeping an eye out for the signs of an infestation is vital.

If you think that you may have cockroaches in your home, calling in pest control immediately is critical. Cockroaches can be difficult to get rid of so early intervention is essential.

Cockroaches can hide very easily and will often be found resting during the day in the tiniest of cracks or crevices. Therefore when professional pest control experts treat a cockroach infestation they will need to have access to the whole room.

Being able to move fridges or washing machines, get into the backs of cupboards and drawers as well as under the sink is an important part of being able to treat an infestation properly.

Thoroughness and attention to detail is key to getting rid of cockroaches for good; they may hide in the machinery on the reverse of a fridge or a freezer, in fuse boxes, under the bases of equipment which are free-standing and even in vegetable bins.

Because of their voracious ability to reproduce, getting every last cockroach out is necessary to prevent a re-infestation.

Be aware wherever you are

Harrow is not the only location in the UK to have a cockroach problem; they are far more prevalent than most people realise. But whatever kind of pest you have – cockroach, rat, flea, squirrel or bird – getting in the pest control people as soon as you spot unwanted visitors will help to ensure you get them out of your home as quickly and easily as possible.