Pest Contol In Hounslow

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A tiny predator that hides in your bedroom, waiting until you fall asleep to creep out in the dark and suck your blood sounds like a story from a vampire novel but an increasing number of households in Hounslow and other London boroughs are experiencing this every night.

HounslowA study carried out in Hounslow and other London boroughs revealed that the number of bedbugs is rapidly increasing, with the number of reported cases up by around a third.

There are many myths about bedbugs and not everyone is aware of just how many problems they can cause and how difficult they are to get rid of once they have taken hold.

A tiny menace

Hounslow is a thriving metropolis with its proximity to Heathrow Airport and ease of access from Bath Road making it a popular stop-off point for visitors and day trippers alike.

Unfortunately, this type of bustling urban neighbourhood is perfect for bedbugs to spread and breed.

Bedbugs can be somewhat deceiving as they tend to hide away from the actual bed during the day. You might find them in skirting boards or crevices in furniture until the sun sets and they come scuttling out to nibble on your exposed flesh.

Traditionally seen more in the summer months, bedbugs are increasingly becoming a problem all year round as homes are kept much warmer with the help of central heating. However, even in cold environments, bedbugs can live without food for up to a year, surviving cold winters in unheated parts of the house such as an attic or basement.

Bedbugs will not breed when it’s cold, but as soon as the temperature starts to rise, they will emerge and start the cycle of feeding and multiplying.

Annoyingly simple to transmit, particularly via second hand beds and furniture, bedbugs can get from one house to another with relative ease, spreading and proliferating rapidly.

Individuals with bedbugs will certainly be aware there’s a problem, often waking with bite-marks on their bodies which cause intense irritation and in some cases sleep disturbances. Bedbug bites can for some people also trigger a severe allergic reaction.

Bedbugs – the myths

Unfortunately not only can bedbugs very easily get in and survive, they are also very resilient and resistant to treatment which is why professional pest control is really the only way to get rid of them once and for all.

Pest control treatment for bedbugs won’t just involve treating your bed; your whole room and potentially other rooms in the house will all need to be decontaminated.

A myth has persisted that you can get rid of bedbugs simply by washing your sheets in hot water; this unfortunately isn’t the case. If you have been freed of an infestation of bedbugs, dry-cleaning your sheets or tumble drying them on hot for at least 20 minutes can certainly help to stave off a reinfection, there are no guarantees. This is because many bedbugs do not live on the sheets and blankets themselves.

Other pest control removal myths include kerosene, leaving the light on, smothering yourself in olive oil, smothering the bedbugs with WD40 (good luck finding them all!) as well as using a fire extinguisher to freeze the pest. All of these methods have been touted as the perfect way to treat bedbugs but the sad reality is that none of them work.

There is only one sure-fire way to clear your property of bedbugs is to call in professional pest control experts. They will check and treat every possible hiding place – even under the wallpaper! –

To ensure you can enjoy sweet dreams in Hounslow, free from the misery of a bitten and sore body get our pest control experts in today.