Pest Control In Islington

Not based in Islington? Other local areas our pest control experts cover include Brent, Newham & Redbridge.

Even for those not acquainted with the location, Islington will sound familiar because of its presence on the Monopoly board.

With locations such as Angel, Pentonville Road and Euston Road all running through Islington, many of the places may ring a bell.

One of the most rapidly expanding parts of the city, Islington is primarily residential and there is a huge demand for properties in the area. Unfortunately, this isn’t just from human inhabitants but their winged and feathered guests too.

Bird populations are rapidly becoming a problem in built-up areas with not just feral pigeons but other birds such as starlings and also gulls creating mess, bringing disease and causing damage.

PigeonsIf you have birds either nesting on your ledges or roosting in your attic, you won’t be able to deal with the problem alone. Call in the professional pest control experts sooner rather than later and you will minimise the damage birds can cause.

Don’t wait for a problem

Islington has many listed buildings and offers a beguiling combination of newer buildings and older structures, making it pure paradise for feathered visitors.

Whilst you might be happy to put food on your bird table, having loud and raucous flocks of pigeons or starlings near your rafters is a very different matter.

As well as covering the exterior of your property in mess, birds can clog up gutters and drains with debris, and block up chimneys redirecting potentially harmful fumes back into your home. They can also be extremely destructive, ripping off roof tiles and shredding insulation thereby allowing damp and rain to pervade your roof space, causing widespread damage.

If this is the case, you will have no alternative but to take action, calling in pest control experts in order to prevent your home suffering even more extensive problems.

However, pest control experts can do far more than treat a bird infestation which has already taken hold; they can also help you prevent one from occurring in the first place.

A kind approach

By using pest control services to install bird proofing in your home, the ultimate outcome will be cheaper and far less stressful than a clean-up operation which also requires repairs to your roof, structure or other property components.

Bird proofing is a human approach; all wild birds are protected by law. Pest control experts utilise a range of measures to deter feral pigeons and other birds from coming close to your property to nest, roost or even perch.

Many of the options available are equally suitable for new and old buildings, making them perfect for your pest problem, wherever you live.

Some of the methods include point prevention, a system which combines upright wires and a polycarbonate base which makes it close to impossible for a bird to perch. Described as an effective yet humane pest control approach, it is a simple measure which is easy to install.

Other options include a spring wire system which can be used on railings, ledges, pipes, gutters and beams to name but a few suitable structures and utilises stainless steel posts and tension sprung wires which prevent the bird from being able to land as well as netting.

A means of entry for other critters

If you suffer from an infestation of birds, you may find that pigeons in your loft is the least of your problems.

Birds often bring other types of pest, either tagging along for the ride, or clearing their path for entry. This could include fleas, cockroaches and beetles or even larger visitors such as rats and mice.

It is therefore important that the pest control professionals look for signs of other kinds of infestation so you can get rid of any unwanted guests. Once it’s cleared you can arrange for your house to be proofed not just for birds, but also insects and rodents too to make sure you don’t have to share your space again!