Pest Control In Newham

Not based in Newham? Other local areas our pest control experts cover include Hackney, Redbridge & Brent.

One of the most densely populated boroughs in London; Newham covers both the East Ham and West Ham districts.

However, despite its thriving, bustling markets in Green Street and the huge shopping centre in Westfield Stratford City, it also offers lots of green space and parks.

A total of 80 hectares within Newham have been set aside as part of the Metropolitan Green Belt. This is not only great news for those who like to enjoy some fresh air, but also the black antslooking to build a nest.

Ants are more closely associated with summertime, ruining a picnic in the park and in the worse cases, invading your home and spoiling food in your kitchen.

However  changes in the UK climate seem to be increasing the period when black ants make their presence known.

Earlier appearances

Much of UK wildlife has seen its patterns thrown into disarray with unpredictable climatic conditions confusing their internal clocks.

Unseasonably warm weather has seen birds nesting earlier in some years, only to face fierce frosts for their young broods when they hatch before spring truly unfolds. In other years, persisting icy conditions has led to the appearance of wasps much later in the year, causing swarms and presenting a real challenge for pest control agencies.

Ants are not exempt from the changing environmental factors and whilst they may have previously only been seen during warmer weather, recent reports from pest control firms suggest they may be seen as early as February.

Black AntsReaching a peak in the summer months, and only dying away through the autumn and winter, this means in theory that Britain could have to put up with the nuisance of black ants for 10 months of the year.

Unwelcome visitors

Although unlike their tropical counterparts, pharaoh ants, black ants build their colony in the garden, they like to travel far and wide to establish a food source and are willing to explore all possible nearby avenues. In many cases this could mean your kitchen.

Black ants have even been known to burrow through bricks and mortar in order to reach their intended destination!

Once inside, black ants will tend to head directly for places where food is prepared, looking for fruit or other sweet and easily accessible food as well as liquids which have been spilt but not wiped up.

If you suspect you may have an ant problem, look inside cupboards or under appliances; ants prefer places to hide wherever possible.

How to avoid an ant invasion

With the changes in the climate and environment, black ants have the potential to become a pest for many more months of the year. This means it’s more important than ever to be vigilant in keeping them out of your home.

Because they are attracted to food and spillages, you can help to eliminate the chances of an ant invasion by putting your food away, covering it up and making sure spillages are dealt with immediately.

Where possible, use air-tight containers but if you need to leave food out, make sure you cover it up. You don’t know where the ants have been walking and you won’t want to risk any germs being traipsed through your food!

Regularly sweeping under appliances and cupboards to make sure no food debris builds up is another way to help prevent ants being enticed into your home. Only keep pet food down for as long as you need to and ensure that all cracks are crevices are properly sealed.

You may be able to deal with a minor ant problem without contacting professional pest control services; there are plenty of over the counter remedies which can be purchased. However, if there are more than just a small number, or they keep returning, you may need a more robust solution which you can only get by contacting our team.

Whether it’s April or August, don’t let your home be taken over by black ants or any other kind of unwanted visitor such as cockroaches, mice or flies; call in the pest control experts and reclaim your kitchen as your own!