Pest Control In Watford

Not based in Watford? Other local areas our pest control experts cover include, Wembley, Harrow & Chiswick.

Lying on the edge of the Chilterns, Watford is an area which has the best of both worlds: leafy wooded areas such as Nascot as well as a thriving shopping mall in the centre, Intu Watford.

WatfordWith such urban areas lying next to rural features such as the Grand Union Canal, it seems almost unthinkable that there could be a problem with pest control.

However in Watford, just like many other areas in North London and Hertfordshire, keeping pests in check can take a lot of effort.

Top three pests

Most pest control experts are equipped to deal with all manner of rodents, insects and vermin and the top three types of pests which are found in Watford most frequently should come as little surprise.

In top spot are rats and mice. Imagine seeing a furry creature scurrying across your freshly-mopped kitchen floor: the chances are you would be filled with horror!

However, rats and mice are drawn to clean households just as much as those where hygiene is lacking. The prospect of a warm room, shelter and an easy supply of food and water is impossible to resist.

Keeping food securely in airtight containers can help to prevent contamination if you do have an infestation and may stop them finding your supplies.

Wasps and bees are the next most commonly seen type of pest; removing the nests of either of these types of insects should never be attempted. When the nest is threatened, the insects can become very aggressive and are likely to sting and attack.

Ants take the final position of the top three types of pest seen in Watford and surrounding areas such as Kings Langley. Ants may not be as dangerous as rats, mice, wasps or bees but they can cause havoc in a home, and inflict a series of itchy, irritating bites. Although ants are clean insects, because they may have walked through sewers or animal carcasses, they bring the possibility of dangerous bacteria which can cause serious illness in humans.

These three groups are the subjects of the most common requests for pest control in Watford.

Other types of pest

Rats, mice, ants, bees and wasps may well be some of the most obvious types of pests which may be encountered; there are many more which also require professional treatment.

Squirrels may have a soft and cuddly reputation but untamed grey squirrels have a nasty bite and can be aggressive. As well as ripping gardens to pieces, killing trees and eating young chicks, they also can invade roof spaces, destroying insulation and causing structural damage too.

Most homes have probably seen the occasional housefly, but cluster flies and fruit flies can prove to be a real nuisance and difficult to get rid of. Using pest control is often the only way to clear your house if infested.

Next on the list are bedbugs; although many people may be embarrassed about admitting to an infestation of these critters, they can easily be transmitted by buying second hand goods or through regular hotel use. Hiding under the wallpaper and in crevices and small spaces, bedbugs can avoid detection and home treatment, leaving them free to continue sucking on your blood at night….nice.

Clothes moths and carpet beetles come in 7th and 8th places chewing up valuable clothes, carpets, rugs and upholstery. Whilst these are one of the few pests that don’t carry diseases, the damage they can do can run into thousands of pounds so if you see even one beetle or moth that matches the description, it’s time to call in the pest control experts pronto!

The last two on the list are fleas and cockroaches. Both come with a terrible reputation and are amongst the most-feared types of pests people dread seeing. Both are also very resistant to treatment and tough to get rid of completely but if even one or two are left, they can quickly rebuild their colonies. Pest control experts will be able to rid you of these nasty invaders but it may take more than one visit.

Hopefully you will never experience any of these unwanted guests in your home but if you do, don’t delay, simply pick up the phone and call in the pest control professionals to get rid of them as quickly as they arrived.