Gulls nest on buildings, resulting in heavy fouling and damage by pecking, blocking drainage with their nests, and being aggressive to humans during breeding season. They can take birds and small mammals for food.


Buildings contain a large number of ledges, girders and gaps that can be used by feral pigeons as nesting sites. Large numbers of nests are often found inside lofts of houses and commercial premises. They rely on food scraps and spillage in town centres and at food premises.


Starling nests are usually built in holes in trees or buildings. They roost in large numbers, causing considerable noise and fouling. They have a taste for leather jackets during breeding season, whereas in winter they are omnivorous and scavenge at refuse tips.

Bird Proofing

Prevent perching, roosting and nesting with humane solutions spring wire system, point prevention, and net prevention. They work by fitting the materials in places birds like to perch and are often undetectable from the ground.