Bird Proofing

Spring Wire System

Guards against perching on your window cills, horizontal ledges, gutters and beams.

Being extremely versatile this humane system can be installed anywhere on a building including window ledges, wide or delicate ledges, gutters, beams, pipes, rails, signs and roof ridges.

The concept is to install a stainless steel post into the structure and attach a thin strand of stainless steel wire, tensioned with a spring, just above a ledge or other feature used by the pest birds in question, so that they are prevented from perching. Several strands may be used to create an exclusion zone to these pest birds.

The stainless steel posts may be installed by means of drilling into the structure or by using an architectural adhesive, where the structure is delicate: such as period stonework or where lead flashing exists

Point Prevention

Effective yet humane way of preventing pigeons and gulls from perching.

This particular system of prevention is achieved by upright splayed wires attached to a UV -stabilised clear polycarbonate base usually installed with the aid of a silicone adhesive or other suitable fixings. When installed it makes landing on a protected surface extremely uncomfortable or impossible for the birds.

Since UK law protects all wild birds the tips of the points are cut flat to prevent injury not only to the birds but also to the installer.

This system works best when installed to buildings suffering low to medium bird pressure although, in certain high pressure situations this system can still have the desired effect. However heavily populated flocks may attempt to break down this system.

Net Prevention

Prevent perching, roosting and nesting

The use of bird netting is one of the most popular methods used for preventing urban birds from roosting, perching and nesting on buildings. With correct installation, this system is long lasting and is virtually undetectable from the ground.

The type of material used to produce bird netting is made of either knotted polyethylene or knotless polypropylene, both of which are:

  • Extremely Durable
  • UV Light Stabilised
  • Chemically Inert
  • Can be made Fire Retardant to BS 5827 PART2

You also have a choice of colours for your preventative netting scheme to ensure it blends in to your building and does not detract from its appearance:

  • Black
  • Stone
  • Translucent