Pest Control In Wembley

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In the northwest of London, Wembley is undoubtedly best known for its stadium and its arena, both venues which attract flocks of visitors for the main events.

WembleyUnfortunately it’s not just people that arrive in Wembley in flocks; the area also has a serious pigeon problem with the birds causing havoc, mess and accidents on both the streets and in residential homes.

Whether you own a business which is plagued with the ‘rats on wings’ as they are often called, or have found your home invaded by a pigeon determined to share your living space, pest control professionals should be your first port of call.

Running out of patience with pigeons?

If you had to deal with hordes of rats running in front of you on your journey to work, sidestepping their droppings and watching out for your clothes, your tolerance levels would be less than zero.

Yet for some reason in Wembley and other parts of London, the pigeon pest is simply ignored whilst they continue to festoon pavements and buildings with their faeces, causing not just an unsightly mess but a health risk too.

Pavements covered in droppings can not only be slippery but the birds also carry diseases. Did you know that the average pigeon carries more diseases than a brown rat? Salmonellosis is amongst the potential health risks as well as pseudo tuberculosis and psittacosis, all very unpleasant diseases.

If you are a business owner, having pigeons nesting in and around your property could have a detriment impact on your image and reputation, not to mention the cost of keeping your premises clean.

Residential houses are just as much at risk too; pigeons love to find a way into an attic or roof space, roosting in the warmth and causing damage in your house.

Dealing with the pest

Feral pigeons are descended from the rock dove but have become adapted to the type of busy life seen in and around Wembley. Whether it’s on Wembley High Road close to the shopping centre, or in your back garden, feral pigeons aren’t fazed by living in close proximity to humans.

These birds are quite hefty, weighing in at approximately 330g and roughly 33cm in length. Both modern and traditional buildings are targets for pigeons that will happily nest and roost on ledges, gaps and girders.

However, when possible feral pigeons will attempt to find their way inside a building and an attic or a loft makes the perfect home for a flock.

As well as the health risk, pigeons nesting in or on your building can cause a lot of damage to the structure.

In forcing their way into a roof space, tiles can easily be displaced by a pigeon, leading to water leaking into the house and causing damp. This can be difficult to spot at first, only being identified when the problem becomes widespread…and expensive to rectify.

Guttering and drainage can also become blocked very quickly with pigeon faeces and other waste materials such as feathers. This can also be expensive to repair and can lead to damage to the external walls of your home.

If you have a chimney, pigeon droppings can block the flue causing a blockage and increasing the risk of a toxic carbon monoxide build-up in your property.

On a more superficial level, pigeons can be extremely noisy. They are active for up to 16 hours every day and nest in flocks, causing extreme disruption to anyone trying to live below them.

Using pest control measures

Whilst controlling the overall pigeon population may be beyond your control, there are measures you can take to protect your home or business.

Pest control experts have a range of measures at their fingertips to help minimise any damage to your property and protect it against future infestation.

Prevention measures such as nets or a spring wire system are some of the steps that pest control professionals can use to humanely control the pigeon population.

Finally, using pest control measures to get rid of pigeons can also remove the risk of other pests. Fleas and clothes moths are just two of the other types of pest which can increase when birds are present. And if there is lots of garbage or food scraps, you could quickly find an infestation of ratsor mice too.

Experts can deal with any of these pests, getting rid of the invaders in your home or business.